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Will your brushes harm my car’s paint?

Is the wash safe for freshly painted cars or for new cars?

Will my antenna be OK?

What kind of chemicals or soaps do you use?

What types of vehicles can you wash?

Do you wash pickup trucks and vans?

Is the wash safe for convertibles?

What size tires can fit on your conveyor inside the tunnel wash?

How often do I need to wash my vehicle?

Isn't rain a natural, cost-effective car wash?

I purchased an Unlimited Wash Pass. What is this tag you’ve applied to my car?

Can I use my Unlimited Wash Pass to wash my other vehicles?

If my car has a high-gloss "clear coat" finish, do I still need to wax it?

How often do I need to wax my car?

How can I remove fresh stains, water spots, and smears on my car's finish?

Can you remove coffee, juice, or vomit stains from my car?

How often do my leather seats need to be conditioned?

What if I don't have the time or money to wash and wax my car regularly?

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Can you help with fundraising for my organization?