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Will your brushes harm my car's paint?
No, our soft-flex foam brushes are specifically designed to apply the proper friction to wash your car. Many studies have been made comparing hand washing and machine washing and in all cases friction car washes have proven to be less harmful to paint than hand washes. Feel free to ask for a sample of the materials inside the tunnel that touch your car.
WIll my antenna be OK?
Any fixed factory antenna will typically not be harmed during the wash, but we recommend that it be removed. Power antennas are hollow core and will break if left in the raised position, so please lower all power antennas. Aftermarket products such as CB and cell phone antennas should be removed prior to washing.
What kind of chemicals or soaps do you use?
CT Auto Spa uses Simonize Professional car care products for our wash process and many fine products for our detailing services.
What types of vehicles can you wash?
CT Auto Spa can wash most cars, vans, and trucks (maximum height of seven feet).
Do you wash pickup trucks and vans?
Yes. Pickup beds must be empty before going through CT Auto Spa. Certain types of aftermarket modifications that employ oversized or off-road tires or radically raised suspensions may not be compatible. If in doubt, just stop by and ask!
Is the wash safe for convertibles?
Yes, please make sure your roof is properly latched.
What size tires can fit on your conveyor inside the tunnel wash?
Our conveyor is 13″ wide accommodating most wide sized tires and rims.
How often do I need to wash my vehicle?
Your car should be washed as often as it is dirty. Personal preference, where you drive your vehicle, and where you store your vehicles are just a few of the variables that you must take into consideration. The International Car Wash Association recommends that if your vehicle is subjected to pesticides, sand, salt, and industrial fallout that the vehicle be washed weekly to protect your vehicles delicate finish. In seasons or climates where there are less harmful elements a wash every two weeks should be sufficient.
Isn't rain a natural, cost-effective car wash?
No! Rain and snow contain acid that eats away at the paint and finish of vehicles. After acid rain falls on a car, the water evaporates, but the acid remains. Concentrated by sunlight, this acid can become so strong that it will eat through the finish, ruining the vehicle’s paint and appearance.
I purchased an Unlimited Wash Pass. What is this tag you've applied to my car?
The FastPass™ tag is a sticker about the size of a stick of gum that is applied to the upper left hand corner of your windshield where you’ll never notice it. Using the latest RFID technology (radio frequency identification) each vehicle is instantly recognized as it approaches our automated pay stations. Once a vehicle is identified, it is granted access to the wash tunnel and our computer automatically provides the proper wash package.
Can I use my Unlimited Wash Pass to wash my other vehicles?
No, sorry. The Unlimited Wash Pass is valid only on the registered vehicle it was purchased under.
If my car has a high-gloss ``clear coat`` finish, do I still need to wax it?
Yes! Clear coat is a clear layer of sealant over the colored layer of paint. A clear coat must have a wax applied to protect it as well. At least 97 percent of today’s vehicles come from the factory with some type of clear coat finish. They contain stabilizers, ultraviolet light blockers and UV light absorbers that help keep vehicle paints looking new longer by preventing oxidation, the chemical breakdown of the upper layer of paint caused by sunlight, moisture and contaminants in the air. While clear coats offer great protection, they cannot stand alone. Wax is an effective and efficient way to shine and protect a car’s finish.
How often do I need to wax my car?
To prevent damage from environmental effects, including salt, bird droppings, rail dust, and acid rain, we suggest waxing your car at a minimum of four times per year. Need an easy way to remember? New season = new wax!
How can I remove fresh stains, water spots, and smears on my car's finish?
The best way to get rid of fresh stains, water spots and smears is to remove them as quickly as possible, before they have a chance to bake into the paint or cause permanent damage. Stop in for a wash or consultation as soon as you detect anything on the surface.
How often do my leather seats need to be conditioned?
Leather seats need special care in order to keep them looking good for years. Due to sun and weather conditions in the southern New England area we recommend every 3 months for our Leather Treatment.
Can you remove coffee, juice, or vomit stains from my car?
Yes, we can remove most stains on upholstery and leather, no matter how long they’ve been there. Stop in for a consultation and have one of our experts take a look.
What if I don't have the time or money to wash and wax my car regularly?
You can’t afford not to protect your investment! You will eventually sell your car, trade it in, or return it following a lease program. A top factor in determining a vehicle’s worth is the interior and exterior condition. CT Auto Spa offers safe, fast, high-quality washes at affordable prices to slow your vehicle’s depreciation and maintain its value.
Can you help with fundraising for my organization?
Yes, CT Auto Spa loves to help! We offer an easy program to local organizations looking to raise funds. Learn more about fundraising for your event.
Can I buy a gift certificate?
Yes, gift cards and pre-paid wash cards can be purchased online from our store, or at our facility. There is no expiration date and they can be applied to all our services.