CT Auto Spa Car Wash Fundraiser Packages are safe for you & the environment.

They offer a FUN & EASY way to raise money for your organization!
Fundraising at CT Auto Spa

  • Some qualifying organizations include:
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Civic Associations
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Athletic Teams
  • Local Service Clubs
  • Community Projects

Fundraising at CT Auto Spa offers a FUN & EASY way to raise money for your organization!

CT Auto Spa: Raise Funds With Us!

No buckets, sponges or towels. You’re simply selling certificates around town or at events.

Or, pick a date, host an event and promote it.

IT’S FLEXIBLE – Promote Your Event, Sell Your Certificates, return unsold ones or get more.
IT’S FUN – We can imprint your logo on the certificates* to raise awareness for your group.
IT’S WIN-WIN – Raise money while providing what your supporters want –
a great wash from CT Auto Spa Car Wash!

Sample promotion ticket
Sample promotion ticket

Contact us via email or call (860) 413-2003 for details and prices.

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